vRA 7 – Editing Machine Blueprint Settings

vRA 7 – Editing Machine Blueprint Settings

So with the recent release of vRealize Automation 7, I have been showing it off at every chance I get. Whether it’s to customers or to our own internal employees – the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

One thing I have had more than one person ask me about, though, is whether or not you can edit the settings for a Machine Blueprint after it’s been deployed.

The answer is yes, but I understand why some folks may overlook where you can do this.

First, enter the Design tab and edit the Blueprint you wish to modify by clicking it.

Then, just look for the Gear icon next to the Blueprint name and click it:


This will bring you to the Blueprint Settings dialog, where you can modify the name, description, NSX settings, lease times, etc.


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Happy automating!